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’s Fashion Police, where she has been a panelist and presenter since the shows inception in 2010.

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Secondary outcome measures will include the number of days per week on which cannabis is used, the severity of cannabis use disorder, the severity of cannabis dependence, cannabis withdrawal symptoms, cannabis craving, the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other non-cannabis illicit drugs, changes in mental health symptoms, and treatment retention.

The self-help intervention will consist of 8 modules designed to reduce cannabis use based on the principles of motivational interviewing, self-control practices, and methods of cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Most often used in the context of reward acquisition. Refers to in-combat random chance effects, such as status chance effects. Refers to types of damage which deal damage incrementally rather than one lump sum such as Toxin status effects.

Farm – A common term in many games which refers to repeating an action to acquire a reward.

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The predictive validity of participants’ baseline characteristics on treatment retention and outcomes will be explored.

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In European countries, including Switzerland, as well as in many states worldwide, cannabis is the most widely used psychoactive substance after alcohol and tobacco.